Adebayo Bakare

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Name: Adebayo Bakare
Country: Nigeria
Mentor: Prof. Remco Peters
Summary: Dr. Bakare Adebayo Michael is a Public Health Professional who works as a Programme Manager for the Grant Management Unit of the Lagos State Ministry of Health, overseeing the implementation of the Global Fund Grant in Lagos State, Nigeria. He holds an MBBS degree as well as a Master of Public Health (MPH) from Lagos State University, Nigeria, and the University of Roehampton in London, UK, respectively. Additionally, he has completed a Diploma Training at the Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM) in Antwerp, Belgium, focusing on the Clinical Management of Drug Resistant Tuberculosis, among several other trainings in Global and Public Health Project Management. With 15 years of experience in both clinical and public health sectors, he has worked extensively on Global Fund Grants, Tuberculosis program implementation, Health Insurance, and Health Systems Strengthening. Adebayo has excelled in the following areas of expertise: Programme and Grant Management, Operational Research, Health Systems Strengthening, Strategic Planning & Execution, Business Process Design, and Project Management. His leadership and management skills have contributed significantly to the implementation of the Global Fund’s TB grant in Lagos State, Nigeria, through astute coordination, strategic direction, and process development. His interest in the fellowship is focused on mentorship, developing and building a research portfolio and skills, and delivering a refined PhD proposal. Additionally, he aims to achieve his career goal of becoming an independent researcher. He hopes to undergo a necessary career shift in adolescent health by gaining an in-depth understanding of adolescent research initiatives and implementation science, with a particular focus on infectious disease at the population level. His ultimate objective is to publish an article based on his fellowship experience.