Dr Millicent Atujuna

Dr Millicent Atujuna (PhD) is a senior social behavioural scientist and the Socio-behavioural Division lead. Her research has focused on both treatment and prevention in adolescents and young adults. This has included social determinants of treatment outcomes in adolescents living with HIV and the behaviours linked to uptake, adherence and persistence in use of HIV biomedical prevention interventions in low resource settings. She has considerable research experience spanning across qualitative and quantitative research methods. She has experience in bio-behavioural intervention development and testing, the testing of interventions that will be implemented in combination prevention packages. She has been part of the behavioural team implementing multiple ongoing largescale studies of biomedical HIV prevention technologies and also implemented one of the first biomedical end-user studies, ‘iPrevent’ with the primary purpose of measuring preferences for long-acting HIV prevention options in 800 heterosexual adults, adolescents, and men who have sex with men. She leads the implementation of an NIH-funded randomized controlled trials in South Africa involving family-based HIV-prevention for adolescent girls and women.