This fellowship provides the following: Mentorship, workshops, Peer support,
Research Meetings/ Journal Clubs , the Adolescents in Research Toolkit (AIRT) website, a Portfolio of evidence, an Academic Presentation and a WeMove Webinar series focusing on adolescent health research.

We request that the fellow set aside time for the workshops, webinars and mentor meetings for the duration of twelve months.

The workshops are in the week, between 2:00-3:00 p.m. once a month. The days will vary as it is subject to change. The webinars are on Tuesdays between 2:00 – 3:30pm. In addition, you will have one-hour sessions with a mentor at least two times a month. The time with your mentor is essential to ensure you gain the most from the subject expert throughout the fellowship. The fellow and the mentor will agree on timelines, and we ask that all fellows follow this agreement.

A panel of senior DTHF Faculty members decides on the mentors.

These are one-to-one development mentorship focusing on the academic goals of the fellow. All sessions are virtual, except where it is possible for the mentor to meet fellow in person (live in the same city / affiliated to the same academic institution)

Formal, and collegial for an early-entry scholar.

This is tailored to the needs of the fellow.

Since 2016 – initially in-person with block visits to the DTHF, Cape Town offices. Since 2020 it transferred to an e-fellowship.

Yes, you need to have masters or an equivalent qualification.

Not at the moment. We only accept researchers at post-grad level.

No. It is not a formal employment opportunity. It is a mentorship over twelve months. This is an opportunity for an early-career or mid-career individual to work on an outcome that will lead to a formal article, proposal, concept note or tangible deliverable with the assistance of a subject matter expert in Adolescent Health.

Yes, upon receipt of the PoE signed by both the fellow and the mentor, DTHF will issue a certificate of completion for the first time to the group of 2022.

We are recruiting fellows for the e-fellowship which is not the same as the AYHP short course. The fellowship is a twelve-month commitment and differs from the short course. We will require all fellows to commit to the fellowship for 12 – months and attend workshops and mentorship sessions.

We need a letter from a manager only if you are working. This letter helps you to negotiate for time during the course of the fellowship. If you are not working, then there is no need for a letter from your manager.

We would recommend that you submit a one–page letter that confirms that your manager is aware that you have applied for the fellowship and is aware that you will need to attend webinars or workshops that would during working hours. The letter is to acknowledge that your employer is aware of your application and the possibility that you will be attending workshops and webinars during working hours. A second letter from the academic supervisor is not important, but a fellow is encouraged to explain the fellowship
to them.

You don’t need to prepare anything formal for the interview. You should know why you want to be included in a research fellowship. It is essential as the focus is on mentoring and supporting early career researchers / postgraduate students with a focused output. It would help if you had a general idea of why you want to be included in an e-Fellowship with
subject experts.