Oladayo Opasina

Oladayo Opasina from Nigeria joined us at the end of February. Unfortunately delayed by a month due to our struggles with the Embassy in Nigeria. She began her research activities with Dr. Katherine Gill at the Masiphumele Research Site in Sunnydale, Cape Town, about 40min out from the centre of Cape Town. She is assisting with the coordination of the Menstrual Cup (Mcup) study titled Mcup assessing the viability of the Mcup in 40 young women aged 14-19 years and the ability of the Mcup to assist with keeping girls in school and replacing other environmentally harmful sanitary hygiene products such as pads and tampons. Since she began working on this study she has assisted with protocol completion and corrections submitted to ethics, completed an outline of a manuscript paper for the Mcup study, completed questionnaires for the study, created posters and flyers for study participants, created the budget for the project, communicated with the community and research staff for most effective execution of the project. In June she will start working with Philip Smith, Head of Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation Mobile Services, twice a week. She will be assisting on understanding the effects of Non-Communicable Diseases on HIV. The data for this has already been collected, however, needs to be analysed and written up.