Adero Godfrey Ooko

Name: Adero Godfrey Ooko
Country: Kenya
Job and qualifications: Research Specialist, APHRC. MSc. Epidemiology and Biostatistics. MSc.
Summary: He is passionate about adolescent HIV due to experience gained from being involved in a study in Kenya for 15 – 21 year olds. Support groups that were formed that are still active even after the end of the study. Godfrey would like to gain knowledge and would like to do a PhD on adolescent HIV based on his experiences.
Proposed output(s): He would like to apply for a PhD, hasn’t started yet, needs to discuss possible concepts with supervisor. He would like to gain general knowledge of how to handle PhD work: data analysis and collection particular foci. He would like to base his PhD on retention of AGYW 15 – 24 in ART.
Mentor: Dr Eugene Davids (Research Manager, Varsity College)