Armando Blondel Djiyou Djeuda

Name: Armando Blondel Djiyou Djeuda
Country: Cameroon
Job and qualifications: StudyCoordinator EvvA project (ANRS 12406), Laquintinie Hospital in Douala. ARTS/IRD PhD fellow in virology, The University of Douala, Cameroon.
Summary: Has two Master’s degrees, one in public health biotechnology focusing on the application of novel technologies to fight against public health concerns and the second one in medical virology. He subsequently completed a specialized diploma on HIV and emerging infections at Sorbonne University, France. He has identified that research focusing on adolescent health especially HIV and mental health are scarce in the Central African region and has decided to focus his PhD research on the adolescent population. He is currently working on identifying gaps for the improvement of treatment outcomes and limitation of HIV drug resistance among adolescents living with HIV in Cameroon. He is involved with an ongoing study evaluating the rate of virological failure and HIV drug resistance in adolescents receiving ART in Cameroon. The results of this study are critically needed to maintain the lifelong benefits of ARV drugs in Cameroon. Armando was awarded a small grant as part of the RSTMH and UK NIHR small grant program to further investigate the impact of the current Covid-19 pandemic on treatment outcomes in this vulnerable population.
Proposed output(s): He would like to submit a manuscript for publication based on abovementioned virological failure study and participate in international conferences. Through this process, he would like to gain experience with community engagement and provide decision-makers with evidence-based decisions regarding adolescent health (particularly for HIV-infected adolescents.
Mentor: Dr Katherine Gill (Desmond Tutu Health Foundation)