Concilia Mutasa

Name: Concilia Mutasa
Country: Zimbabwe
Job and qualifications: Social Science Researcher at Centre for Sexual Health HIV and AIDS Research Zimbabwe (CeSHHAR) Children & Adolescents Department, Master of Science in Development Studies
Summary: Has been involved in HIV and AIDS research involvement since 2006 and involved in public health since then. Has been involved in adolescent health work and research. Would like to improve my knowledge of adolescent health research and would like to write articles, manuscripts, and grants. The work she is involved in is focused on U=U messaging to adolescents in Zimbabwe. Data collected includes viral load data, checking adolescent knowledge of U=U (qualitative and quantitative). This is a 3-year study that uses viral load samples and qualitative data to check whether U=U is effective.
Proposed output(s): The study she is currently involved in is about to begin data collection, and this also requires that she write an abstract to be presented at a conference and to lead to a publication.
Mentor: Dr Philip John Smith (Desmond Tutu Health Foundation)