Kirsten Arendse

Name: Kirsten Arendse
Country: South Africa
Job and qualifications: Medical Doctor and Medical Research Manager (MSF Khayelitsha). MBCHB and MPH
Summary: She is currently managing an HIV programme in Khayelitsha. The project involves piloting a differentiated service delivery model to support people who return to care after a period of anti-retroviral treatment interruption. As part of the project, they are conducting two operational research studies to determine the potential impact the pilot has on patients’ and staff outcomes, including:

  • Quantitative analysis to determine if there is a change in retention and care and viral load suppression amongst patients accessing the service (compared to routine care at other facilities), and
  • Qualitative analysis to explore staff and patient perceptions of ART interruption and engagement before and after implementation of the pilot
    Proposed output(s): Submit 1-2 manuscripts based on the quantitative analysis of this PHC data, developing research questions and translating that into the analysis. Timeline: end of November. Would also like to submit abstracts on both (SAAIDS).

Mentor: Dr Fareed Abdullah (SAMRC)