Lerato Makhele

Name: Lerato Makhele
Country: South Africa
Job and qualifications: Senior Clinical Psychologist and Lecturer at Department of Health: Free State Psychiatric Complex and UFS. MSc Clinical psychology and PhD in Psychology
Summary: She has recently completed her PhD in HIV counselling within the public sector and has worked previously with adolescents and young adults infected with HIV. She would greatly benefit from the opportunity of guidance and support in understanding research beyond her PhD experience. Her interest is in the transgender community and gender reassignment readiness and how this relates to HIV risk given the high prevalence in this community.
Proposed output(s): Would like to gain insights into how to draw into/from action research that informs current national policies and implementation of HIV services for various population groups, especially within the public sector. She would like to develop a programme that facilitates the process of sexual and reproductive behaviour change that includes elements of improved problem solving and decision making to improve HIV risk behaviours.
Mentor: Dr Zoe Duby (SAMRC)