Linda Hwenga

Name: Linda Hwenga
Country: Zimbabwe
Job and qualifications: Advocacy and Communications Officer, Master of Science in Journalism and Media Studies
Summary: Linda has more than 5 years’ experience in health, gender and development with a particular focus on community health responses, HIV and SRHR, key populations, young people especially AGYW. She has a background in community-based advocacy, monitoring and accountability, using participatory facilitation methodologies and leading community engagements with program planners, implementers, and policy makers. She is interested in working with disadvantaged and marginalized communities especially women – sexual minorities, adolescent girls and young women, sex workers, women living with HIV and women with disabilities.
Proposed output(s): Linda is working on completing an adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) HIV risk self-assessment tool for the country and would like her mentor to help her with a PhD proposal to address gaps identified from this assessment. She would also like to submit an abstract for a conference and work on a best practices paper based on the comparison between COVID and HIV strategies and how Zimbabwe used lessons learned from the HIV epidemic to tackle COVID.
Mentor: Drs Elona Toska and Jane Ferguson