Rachel Mbuyamba

Name: Rachel Mbuyamba
Country: Democratic Republic of Congo (SA based)
Job and qualifications: Researcher, Stellenbosch University, MPhil in Health Systems and Public Health
Summary: Rachel is interested in the management of infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS and TB by doing research that will help to improve health care. Her focus is on preventing the development of drug-resistant TB, including research to support universal access to HIV/AIDS and TB prevention. Proposed output(s): She is currently researching the acceptability and accessibility amongst female sex workers with regards to PrEP modalities and why sex worker uptake is low, their willingness to accept PrEP injectables. The data has already been collected on REDCap she requires mentoring with regards to the analysis and write up. Data is based on a questionnaire that includes sexual history behaviour and acceptability of PrEP tablets vs other options (injectable), stigma and discrimination.
Mentor: Dr Dvora Joseph Davey (Epidemiologist and honorary senior lecturer in the Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology at the University of Cape Town)