Rebecca Nzawa-Soko

Name: Rebecca Hendrine Nzawa-Soko
Country: Malawi
Job and qualifications: Research Assistant for the Public Health Research Group at Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust Research Program (MLW), Master of Science in Epidemiology
Summary: Rebecca plans on conducting research in adolescents with TB and HIV as part of her PhD. She has 5 years of experience in HIV/TB research but mostly working with the adult population (16 years and above) but not with younger adolescents, a group she would like to learn more about. She is currently working on strengthening her data analysis and manuscript writing skills.
Proposed output: Write a manuscript that aims to describe drug-susceptible TB treatment outcomes of adolescents and young adults based on routinely collected data from Malawi, including analysis of risk factors and the effects of the recent COVID-19 epidemic
Mentor: Prof Remco Peters (Foundation for professional development)