Professor Remco Peters

Professor Remco Peters is an expert HIV/STI clinician, epidemiologist, and researcher. He provides strategic leadership to FPD’s Research Unit and its clinical research programme. He has a strong research portfolio with projects in STIs, HIV medicine, antimicrobial resistance, and ocular infectious diseases. Prof Peters has vast working experience in resource-constrained healthcare programmes across sub-Saharan Africa. He is an examiner for the CMSA, Associate Editor of two scientific journals, 80 member of two National Technical Working Groups, and has supervised many PhD and MSc students. Prof Peters is considered one of the global opinion leaders in management of STIs in Africa. Through collaborations with the medical microbiology department at UCT both sites have access to high quality microbiology laboratory resources and infrastructure to conduct studies focused on STIs and genital tract infections in general, including emergence of antimicrobial resistance. Both units are well supported by a team of behavioural and social scientists, statisticians and mathematical modellers. Both teams have developed relationships with local medical and community leaders, and the WC and EC provincial health authorities.